Highlights & Events

Former PAL Boxing Club member, David Imoesiri, has been selected to box for the Los Angeles Matadors of the newly formed World Series of Boxing (WSB). Teams from around the world have been selected to box in the league and the White Center PAL boxing clubs is proud to have one of its own former members in the inaugural season of the WSB! Congratulations David!

UW Visits PAL Boxing!

University of Washington paid PAL boxing a visit on Tuesday, December 7th! Coach Christopher Mendez, came out to show his support for PAL Boxing along with UW boxing team members, Peter Odell and Rachel Nakanishi, among others. The UW boxing team worked out alongside PAL boxing members as Coach Tony Rago instructed the rigorous workout and boxing routine.

Coach Mendez expressed that he would like to stay connected with PAL boxing and he is looking forward to becoming more involved from an educational standpoint. He wants young boxers to know that boxing can be done in college and it is important to think about continuing an education beyond the ring. PAL Boxing was delighted to have shared a great night of boxing and workouts with UW. We look forward to doing it again soon! Thank you Coach Mendez and UW Boxing Team for taking time come out to support PAL Boxing!

Check out the PAL Boxing doing a heavy bag workout in this video. Stay updated with PAL Boxing news by checking out our boxing page on the PAL website or email Tony Rago at rago3@comcast.net

Pictures of White Center PAL Boxing in Action!