The Workout

All youth boxers participate in a training program, developing commitment and a strong work ethic that will help them in and out of the ring. The training program is prepared by three trained volunteer coaches who are dedicated to helping young boxers channel their energy into the ring. The coaches train each boxer to assess their opponent and utilize the skills learned at the gym to attain success. Attendance and training records are maintained for each boxer that enters the gym to follow their progress during the training sessions. All boxers are registered with USA Boxing and a passbook record is maintained for all boxing competitions.

The workouts are different every night. Youth participants can expect to engage in various forms of training such as running, heavy bag workouts, speed bag workouts, footwork, strength and agility training. Check out the video below for an example of the workouts youth participate in!


Q: Do all youth that participate in the program have to compete in the ring?

A: No. Many of the youth who attend the gym don’t compete in the ring. In fact, the coaches will not allow youth to participate in competition until they are deemed well-trained and mentally ready to compete.

Q: If a youth participant competes, are adequately protected to help prevent injury?

A: Yes. All boxers who compete in tournaments or shows are required to wear protective head gear, a mouthpiece. In addition to that, all boxers are required to wear hand wraps under their gloves to protect their hands and wrists.

Have more questions? Contact Coach Tony Rago at (206) 293-3742 or by email