White Center PAL Boxing

About White Center PAL Boxing

White Center PAL Boxing is dedicated to teaching the area’s youth life achievement skills through the art of boxing. Our purpose is to provide a safe venue where the values of discipline, responsibility, and honor are upheld. We believe these values are necessary for youth to have in order to meet life’s challenges and achieve goals. Whether they want to learn to box or just keep in shape, each member must participate in a rigorous training program designed by the trainers.

This program helps participants develop commitment and a strong work ethic while engaging them in a healthy exercise program. The training program also equips the members with the necessary skills to be successful not only in the ring, but also in their life outside the gym.

The gym is open to youth ages 9 – 17.


Gym Rules:

  1. Attendance: call if you can’t come!
  2. No Tobacco, Drugs, or Alcohol—”0″ Tolerance
  3. No Swearing
  4. Don’t Forget to Bring Equipment
  5. Wear Proper Gym Attire
  6. No Sitting During Workouts
  7. No Trash Talking
  8. Be Hand-Wrapped at all Times
  9. No Cell Phones or Music
  10. No Friends Hanging Around
  11. No Food or Drink –Except Water


Monday – Friday; 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

(Coaches will notify youth in advance if the gym will be closed on a particular night due to holidays, boxing tournaments or other circumstances.)


White Center Steve Cox Memorial Park
1321 SW 102nd St
Seattle WA 98146

For more information contact Coach Tony Rago:

Phone: (206) 293-3742  Email:

Media Coverage:

Metro-King County Council Recognition of White Center PAL Boxing

December 12, 2016

The Metropolitan King County Council recognized two exceptional at-risk youth programs based in White Center. The Councilmembers welcomed members of the King County Sheriff’s Office Foundation “PAL” White Center Boxing Club to the Council’s December 12 meeting, honoring them with an official County recognition highlighting their athletic successes and contribution to the community.
“Providing young people with safe and engaging alternatives is exceedingly important,” said Council Chair Joe McDermott. “This Program in White Center offer opportunities to build self-esteem through athletics, as well as teaching other essential life skills.”
Founded in 2007, The White Center PAL Boxing Club is a part of a larger youth services program designed to appeal to at-risk youth in the White Center and surrounding area. It is run by a local chapter of the century-old Police Activities League, a national volunteer organization that aims to provide activities for at-risk youth and allow them personal interaction with police officers.
The Boxing Club is located in the White Center Community Center on the grounds of Steve Cox Memorial Park. Over the summer the club’s tournament team took second place in the National Junior Golden Gloves Tournament in Nevada.
“The White Center PAL Boxing Club is one of our longest running outreach programs,” said Executive Director of King County Sheriff’s Office Foundation Jared Karstetter. “It has obtained national attention and success, but most importantly it has taken at-risk youth out of harm’s way and placed them on a path to success academically, physically, and mentally.”
The White Center Teen Program (WCTP) is managed by the King County Parks and Recreation Division and has been operating since 1991 at the White Center Community Center. The Aztec soccer team was created out of the WCTP in 2007. A second team (FC United) was added to the soccer club in 2010. The teams practice year round at Steve Cox Memorial Park.
“We are especially proud of the accomplishments made by the King County Sheriff’s Office Foundation’s PAL Boxing Program and honored to be able to provide a home to their program at Steve Cox Memorial Park in White Center,” said King County Parks Director Kevin Brown.