About Us

Who We Are

PAL is Cops Helping Kids.

Police Activities League (PAL) is recognized by the Department of Justice as a juvenile delinquency reduction program. PAL gives youth a positive outlet for their energy and builds strong relationships between youth and law enforcement. Through recreational and educational programs, PAL brings kids under the constructive influence of law enforcement officers and expands awareness of the police’s role in the community. Today, there are over 360 PAL chapters in the United States. PAL is based on the idea that young people can develop positive attitudes toward police officers and the laws they enforce. Studies have shown that if a young person respects a police officer on the ball field, the gym, or the library, he or she will likely come to respect the laws that police officer represents. That newfound respect benefits the young person, the police officer, and the community at large.

What We Do

PAL programs are open to all youth, especially disadvantaged youth. Law enforcement officers and community volunteers donate their time to tutor and mentor students, coach teams, organize athletic leagues, and coordinate other recreational activities. Our purpose is to:

  • To provide our youth with enriching experiences that fosters personal and professional development.
  • To guide our youth in making responsible and healthy relationships.
  • To encourage our youth to be good citizens and strong leaders in our community.
  • To be a safe environment where our youth can channel their energy into positive outcomes.
  • To cultivate better communication, understanding, and mutual respect among youth, the community, and law enforcement.
  • To build and maintain strong community partnerships.
  • To provide a network of support for our youth.
  • To reduce juvenile crime, substance abuse, and gang involvement in our community.
  • To empower our youth to make life choices that promote positive growth.

In King County

Greater King County Police Activities League (GKCPAL) was established in 2003 by King County Sheriff School Resource Officers. GKCPAL is a separate entity from the King County Sheriff’s Office and receives no funding from the department. GKCPAL is largely dependent on support from private sector individuals, business leaders, corporations, and foundations.  GKCPAL is beginning to make a positive impact on disadvantaged youth in the Seattle area. We are eager to provide local kids with more of PAL’s proven programs. GKCPAL is a division of the King County Sheriff’s Office Foundation.